I tried.

I really did. I lasted about 5 minutes before I had to go do something else to prevent the stupid from seeping in. I am, of course referring to Supernova, which aired on Channel 7 tonight and may very well rival Left Behind for the worst movie ever made.

For a movie set (I gathered) primarily in Australia, it showed a distinct lack of knowledge for anything Australian. Apparently, Australia is just another island state in the good ol’ US of A. Several people have commented on the lack of scientific and geographical accuracy over at IMDB, but beyond the bad science and bad acting the lack of accuracy for Australia was disturbing. Based on this film, Australia

  • is entirely populated by Americans (including American Federal agents and military personnel); the only exception to this is apparently British immigrants and the occasional South African,
  • still executes prisoners,
  • has porcupines,
  • has local area codes beginning with ‘555’, and
  • has what appears to be something akin to the Louisiana bayou.

I don’t know what irks me more — whether it is the fact that Australia still has the death penalty in this bizarro-alternate universe, or that the whole ‘serial killer’ storyline contributed absolutely nothing to the plot. The first thing to go from any script/story/article should be anything that does not contribute to said story. Yet somehow we ended up with a whole pointless subplot of a serial killer seeking revenge on our protagonist’s wife and daughter, who were previous victims of his. The other problem is that the characters themselves are so stupid you don’t really have any connection to them. I was kind of hoping the serial killer would get them in the end, simply because they were all too stupid to do anything half-way sensible as far as survival goes. I guess it just wouldn’t be Hollywood without some heroic final showdown.

Ah well, at least Conan The Barbarian was on afterwards to cleanse the palate.


~ by MattR on February 7, 2009.

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