Worst. Code. Ever.

Currently working on refactoring some legacy website code which existed before I began my current job. Ultimately, I’d like to get it over to Ruby on Rails, but in the mean time, Struts is okay (although this code epitomises everything that is wrong with Java web development).

Inamongst the code I came across this gem, which I thought should be shared with the world at large.

* Get the channel for the internet POS.
* @return Channel for the user's POS if available or empty string otherwise.
protected String getChannel() {
String channel = null;
try {
// channel = ctx.getPOSContext().getUser().getChannel();
} finally {
if(channel==null) {
channel = "";
return channel;

Wow. Just. Wow.


~ by MattR on May 15, 2009.

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