Bad MySpace. No.

I don’t really use MySpace very often anymore. The novelty wore off pretty quickly and it’s rare that I’d even log in more than once a month these days. (I use Facebook slightly more frequently, and still haven’t found a real use for my Twitter account.)

In the interest of improving the security of my various online presences, I’ve started using KeePass (technically KeePassX), and decided that the social networks would be the first to undergo maintenance. Random string 24 characters long for Facebook — no problem.

Then MySpace gave me this:
Bad MySpace

Why the hell would you limit a password to 10 characters? I can understand a lower limit (e.g. no less than 6), but to have a maximum allowable size of 10 characters is just retarded in this day and age. Especially when (as you can see from the photo) my old password was 12 characters long. So MySpace is now restricting my password to be shorter. Very. Bad. Idea. Then again, this is MySpace we’re talking about.


~ by MattR on July 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bad MySpace. No.”

  1. I hate when they limit the types of characters you can use in your username, and I especially hate when they limit the length of your password!! I’ve had a few sites that just set the maxlength on the field to something like 10, and I end up typing a 15 char password, thinking its all fitting in there, because with asterisks you can’t really tell if you are adding more chars or not. Argh, why would they limit the password length?

  2. What confuses me even more is why they would impose this limit now. My old password was 12 characters, so obviously it’s a constraint that has been added at some point.

    Mind you, we’re talking about a system that didn’t obfuscate passwords that were submitted as plain text.

    Security was already terrible on MySpace; this is bordering on ludicrous.

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