9am with David & Kim is a threat to public safety

I’ve always found 9am with David & Kim inane. It represents the worst of morning television at the best of times. (Just look at the current poll: “Should underage teenagers be allowed to drink alcohol under parental supervision?” How about, “None of your fucking business.”)

A segment on yesterday’s programme (Monday, 24 August 2009), however, went above and beyond stupid into the realm of dangerous.

This needs a response.

At approx. 3:00:

The one advantage with (sic) the homeopathic option is that, because it works on different principles, it’s not an attempt to mimic vaccination. The remedies which are prepared, provided the symptom profile of the disease doesn’t change greatly, can still be used.

Conversely, the major disadvantage is that you’re just getting really fucking expensive water.

Isaac Golden is a smug bastard and this is not helped by the fact that David and  Kim are gullible idiots. They both accept without question the efficacy of the homeopathic treatment. This has been presented on national television as a viable alternative to vaccination.

That is not just incompetent.

It is grossly negligent.

Write to 9am at Channel 10 to complain. As Chris H commented on the YAS blog, write to Media Watch as well.

(Hat tip: Richard Hughes at Young Australian Skeptics)

My letter to Channel 10 and Media Watch:

The morning show, “9am with David & Kim”, on Monday, 24 August 2009 featured “Dr” Isaac Golden promoting an homeopathic alternative to swine flu vaccination. Both hosts of the show accepted unquestioningly the homeopathic remedy as if it were a viable alternative to vaccination for the swine flu.

“Dr” Golden also presented as facts a number of points relating to the efficacy of homeopathic treatment which can be (and have been) shown conclusively to be false.

By presenting this as a medical segment (the other guest was Professor Nicolai Petrovsky, chairman of Vaxine) and presenting a bogus remedy in such an uncritical light, Channel 10 and the hosts of the show have done a great disservice to the Australian public. This is not just incompetent; it is grossly negligent.



~ by MattR on August 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “9am with David & Kim is a threat to public safety”

  1. It is not David and Kim’s show that is dangerous, but ignorant minds like yours that refuse to look beyond the propagated smoke screens of modern medicine. If you actually knew anything about homeopathy and especially the research Dr Isaac Golden has done on the matter, (at a leading Melbourne mainstream university at that) for the last 20 years at least, you would see that what he says is not only credible, but backed by research, unlike a lot of current medical research, which is not only funded by the pharmaceutical companies that make the drug, but also released with limited showing of results, in too short of time to elicit adequate effects.

    It’s closed minds like yours that do the most damage, most of all because you attempt to take away others rights to make their own informed choice by forcing yours upon them

  2. Leanne — show me some credible evidence. If it exists, all of us sceptics are willing to consider the possibility. (Credible evidence requires a set of clinical trials with a double blind, an effect for the sample noticibly greater than the placebo, and a large enough sample size to eliminate random noise.)

    Show me some of “Dr” Golden’s work that meets the rigours of peer review by a recognised journal, and I and every other sceptic will evaluate it using the same criteria that we apply to any purportedly scientific paper.

    The “law of similarities” flies in the face of everything we know about physics and chemistry, not to mention common sense. It is wishful thinking, nothing more.

    And “Dr” Isaac Golden, and everyone who uncritically accepts his position is dangerous, because I can guarantee that you will not be able to present any clinical evidence that homeopathy is any more effective than a similarly administered placebo.

    My mind is open, as is the mind of every sceptic; however, homeopathy has (a) not been shown to work and (b) been shown not to work.

    Remember: if you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out.

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